Our discovery workshop

A completely free collaborative workshop for you.

A Discovery workshop is the first step in the process of engaging with NICD and allows us to better understand each other’s expertise and interest. The workshops focus on business and technical issues relating primarily to data analytics but also to cloud computing, cyber-security and IoT. They can address broad topics, such as potential business impact, through to specific technical details such as architecture reviews. Each session is guided you and facilitated by NICD. You benefit from discussing specific proprietary issues with NICD experts and from the University research base. NICD staff have extensive practical experience developing these technologies and advising on their application. Within the workshop we will endeavour to set objectives based upon the SMART goals’ principle. At the end of the workshop next steps are defined including the scope of any potential collaborative projects.

Show & Tell – 2 hours

We recommend that 3-6 members of your staff attend this session. The session will give you an overview of what NICD can offer and allows us to understand more about the your business questions and associated data.

A typical agenda might be:

  • A high-level overview of your business.
  • A high-level overview of NICD and the services we offer.
  • A presentation of one or more problems you currently face and an open discussion on what you’ve done thus far to address the problems and what we’ve used (in terms of tools and techniques) when faced with similar issues.
  • Initial scoping of a collaborative project to assist you.

Deeper Dive – 2 hours

Session one may highlight the need for further internal discussion by the business to agree the project direction, to decide which individuals from the business should be involved or what further information is required before progressing the discussion. That is why we feel it important to split the Discovery workshop into two sessions.

This session could be attended by the same staff as the first session or you may feel the need to pull in other staff members who will be able to contribute specific knowledge to the discussion.

A typical agenda might be:

  • Analysis of the issues surrounding the business question.
  • Review of business data sets to examine high-level feasibility of project.
  • Exploration of current business architecture and technologies
  • Specific and general technical advice from the technical team.
  • Development of project scope and next steps.

These projects will be supported by a range of related activities, including awareness-raising events, themed business and technical seminars and technical training courses. The result of engagement with NICD will be to enable your organisation to increase your productivity by optimising your existing operations, and to grow by launching new data-driven products and services.


To begin working with us, sign up here. We can have a chat and, if we believe we can help you, sign you up for a FREE Discovery workshop.