NICD Fellows

Meet the people promoting data skills

Meet the fellows of the National Innovation Centre for Data, who have been recognised for their leadership in promoting data analytics skills for innovation, both nationally and within their own organisations.

Ritchie Ramsden - AkzoNobel
Richard Ramsden
Head of Data Science, AkzoNobel Innovation Incubator
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“Many companies have data, all companies have problems that can be solved by data. The bridge between these is data talent. NICD help develop internal talent in a hands-on, highly skilled and flexible way.”

NBS-Jack Patullo
Jack Pattullo
Product and Planning Specialist, Newcastle Building Society
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“The work we have done in utilising data has not only helped us understand our customers' behaviour better but has also supported strategic decisions around product pricing and optimisation. I hope that we continue to build on this as there are huge opportunities for data to support our purpose of connecting communities with a better financial future.”

Fellow - Alan Timothy
Alan Timothy
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“The abundance of data, tools and understanding is the start of the next revolution. North East companies such as are engaging with customers from New Zealand to Los Angeles with leading-edge data solutions, and support from resources such as NICD makes the region a beacon for the data-powered future.”

Fellow - Marcin Lisowski
Marcin Lisowski
Customer Success Director, Bubo.AI
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“If a business truly believes in harnessing data as the next competitive advantage, the challenge is to move beyond the mere discussion to the actual execution. Therefore, embarking on a ‘data journey’, it’s prudent to work with a partner that offers the right level of expertise and knowledge to learn from. NICD provides the exact balance of data capabilities, analytical thinking, and problem-solving, making them unique to work with on setting up the direction and reaping true benefits from the data."